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Levels Introduction

The biggest issue that compatible cartridges vendors and cartridges recyclers face :-

They do not know when cartridges in their clients’ printers reach low levels and have to wait for the client to call for a replacement.

Now the vendors don’t need to wait for the call as Printabz has a solution just for this.

Introducing Printabz Levels the World’s first solution made especially for Quality Cartridge Recyclers.

When a cartridge in any of client's printers reaches 9%, Printabz Levels will send a mail to the recycler / vendor that “Cartridge in Printer model XVY in ABC Company has reached a low of 9 %.” Then again at 5% a remainder will be mailed. Also on the client’s desktop a message will pop up “ Cartridge in Printer XVZ is very low. Please call (Recycler Company’s name with contact number) for replacement.”

The vendor can log on to the secure site and check cartridges level status in all the printers at clients where ‘Printabz Levels’ is installed. In the statistcs link, information on the number of pages printed daily will be presented. According to this real time updated information vendor can take appropriate action of sending additonal cartridges and collecting the empties for refill / remanufacture.

At present Clients do not know how many pages are being printed in their place. You can add client log-in for Printabz Level to give the client access to daily pages printed information. You can make Printabz Levels free for yourself adding this.

blog post Proactively supporting the customer will keep them very happy and more importantly not allow competitor to enter.

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Printabz Levels Benefits

Printabz Levels ( a print devices cartridge levels tracking package )

Today’s cartridges market has too much competition. Cartridge vendors are loosing customers to your competitors. They come to know that a customer is gone ONLY after not getting any cartridge orders from that client for sometime. The REASON - The vendor can’t track cartridge levels in clients' printers.


You as a Vendor can view the levels of all cartridges in all your client printers wherever Printabz Levels is installed on a secure site. In Addition You will get an EMAIL whenever any cartridge in your clients’ printers reaches 9%.

Along with a reminder mail send to you on the clients monitor a message will pop up “Cartridge in XYZ Printer Is Low. Do Contact your company name & tele no”.

This message can be altered any time you wish. An example:- In January the message can be " Happy New Year..! Cartridge in XYZ Printer Is Low. Do Contact your company name & tele no”.

You will agree to our statement that 'Printabz Levels … is the answer to all cartridge recyclers’ Biggest Hurdle, ‘Not knowing cartridge levels in your clients’ printers and when the cartridge becomes empty unless the client calls'.

We are sure using it you will definitely get New Customers and Keep them as you can track the cartridge levels and its usage. You can provide cartridges when it become empty THUS NOT ALLOWING COMPETITOR'S ENTRY.

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Printabz Digital Copier

Printabz Digital Copier ( a digital copier remote meter reader package )

Digital Copier Rental companies are increasing their business as companies cut costs using digital copiers on pay-per-print contracts.Therental companies need to send technicians to vist each of the installations to physically collect the meter readings. Alternatively they call companies and collect the meter readings.The meter readings are necessary to generate bills for the pages printed. Digital Copier rental companies are not providing copiers for all the enquiries that they get due to their needing additional technicians to just collect meter readings. Also the copier OEM do not support the dealers with a remote meter reading solution.

Presenting PRINTABZ COPIER the World's First Solution aimed specifically for Non OEM digital copier rental companies. Our solution will collect the meter reading of the networked digital copiers from all the machines installed anywhere in the world and present the readings on a secure site. Using the login the rental companies can check the readings on a hourly basis without having to visit/call the client for the readings.The daily pages printed are also presented as statistics.

The readings will get constantly get updated and the same can be downloaded into MS-Excel sheet for the purposes of billing. There is a custom billing also wherein bills can be generated with a selectable Start & End date.

We can give you a demo to show you the features do mail us with a feasible time and we shall create a user id for you to view the demo. We are sure that you will definitely use Prinabz Copier as it reduces burden of monitoring the rental copiers thereby saving your costs.


If you are such a company then we suggest that you talk to us.

Get in touch with us and we can discuss in detail. We are sure that you will increase your profitablity and CHECK MATE your competition by cementing the realtionships with your clients.