Printabz Radical


Print Devices are Essential Equipments for Business Operations.Managing Print Devices can become strenuous and often frustrating to Company Officials. The reasons for the frustration being Asset Discovery and Device Management & Invoicing as part of the technical management of devices.

In order to efficiently manage them, IT ADMIN along with Purchase ADMIN need to perform the below duties :-

PRINTABZ Radical : an INTRANET Print Device Monitoring Solution that is Tailor Made to Present Print Device Performance LOCALLY on the System on which it is installed. The device performance data need not be transmitted to an External Cloud Server for rendition.

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It does not Send Any Data OUTSIDE to any Cloud Servers. So Even The Most SECURE NETWORKS will allow its usage. On the Business related processes side Printabz has supplies orders fulfillment & service delivery management features that are completed with the support of service n supplies vendors. It also provides Print Auditing features for Budgeting purposes.

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It has the World’s 1st Alerts Skill Levels - a Unique and Important Feature - designed Primarily to help IT & Purchase Administrators resolve Printer Issues Faster by resolving Simple / Minor issues ( Printabz Radical displays Skill Needed :- Untrained ) themselves or in case Skilled Service is needed ( Again decided by Printabz Radical ) , Adminstrators can describe the exact issue to service providers for quicker response, so that issues are resolved and printing continues.

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