Printlogz (a print devices users logging package)

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Organizations do not track and audit print activity hence there is no control on costs. Stop unnecessary printing and your costs come down as you save on printing and paper costs.

Now you can do that with Printlogz by keeping logs of users printing activity. Printlogz is a Windows NT4/2000/XP/Vista/Server 2003 program that lets users optimize printing, accurately track and measure printer usage with following information about each printed job :-


In big organizations unclaimed print jobs add to wasted expenses. With Printlogz tracking print activity these wasted print jobs and their cost can be cut. Printlogz will prevent duplication prints when users accidentally give print commands. You can set quotas to control and prevent wasteful printing. As print activity is monitored holiday photo prints, recipes and neighbors project reports will not be printed in your premises. All of these will lead to savings of 10 -30 % of your printing costs.

For further details please visit Printlogz website We are sure that you will definitely use it as it makes office printing environment friendly by preventing unwanted prints thereby saving trees.