PRINTABZ Page Yield Enhancer Plus

Print Devices are Essential Equipments for Business Operations. Document Printing on Desktop Printers is Expensive due to the High Cost of Cartridges. The Below ilustrated formula explains it.

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In this Formula, It is OBVIOUS that if There is an Increase in the Number of Pages Printed by a Cartridge; the Net Result will be LOWER COST PER PAGE.

PRINTABZ YE - Plus : An Intelligent, Toner Page Yield Enhancing Solution

It is an enterprise level software solution designed to Reduce the High Cost Per Page on Laser Printing by increasing the page yield of toner cartridges. By using Innovative Patented software algorithms to optimize and reduce the toner used by HP Laser Jet printers, Soon-To-Be Commercially Launched Printabz YE-Plus enhances the yield of toner cartridges while maintaining current printing habits. We have started with enhancement of Page Yields of Monochrome HP Laserjet Cartridges of Both Printers and MFDs.The Process for other brands will get in due course of time.

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What It Does and How It Works is shown below.


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It has the option of Monitoring Print Devices using Alerts Skill Levels - a Unique and Important Feature - designed Primarily to help IT & Purchase Administrators resolve Printer Issues Faster by resolving Simple / Minor issues themselves or in case Skilled Service is needed ( It Displays on Help Desk Monitor the Skill Needed to Resolve Print Device Issues :- Untrained, Trained or Skilled from Vendor ), Adminstrators can describe the exact issue to service providers for quicker response, so that issues are resolved and printing continues.

Average yield based on ISO/IEC 24711 testing methodology and continuous printing. Actual yield varies considerably based on content of printed pages and other factors.

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